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Bullying, Addiction, and Domestic Violence Association (aka BADASS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing education, awareness, and outreach to bullying, addiction, and domestic violence issues.

Who We Are


amanda smith


Amanda Smith is the CEO/founder of BADASS, and a single mom, model, actress, and musician (Phreckle$) from Los Angeles, California. She has been a victim to bullying, addiction, and domestic violence and wanted to create this non-profit to help others like her. Sober since 10/22/15, she is very active in the recovery community and helps other addicts and alcoholics through speaking and sponsoring women (taking them through the 12 steps to recovery.) She is looking forward to working to further the change she makes in the world by helping bullying and domestic violence victims, too.


ralph mendy henderson jr

Board Member

Ralph G. Mendy Henderson Jr. has been one of the nation’s leading, business, corporate growth, and investment banking advisers for 29 years. His experience spans across several areas of financial management. His strengths are in developing partnerships and advisory services for leading private equity hedge funds, angel investors, M&A firms, family offices, and banks. He has previously held executive positions at Ebony and Jet Magazine, One United Bank, Attorney Recovery Systems, Inc. (ARS), S&S Gold and Silver, and he launched TPCG, The Pathway Capital Group; a boutique investment banking advisory firm. Most recently, Ralph was asked, and is proud to have taken, a position the Equal Justices Now Foundation to become their next president of corporate partnerships.


jillian moya

Secretary / Board Member

Jillian Moya is a family oriented and God-fearing woman from San Diego, CA. She is a newly expectant mother and soon-to-be wife. Her sobriety date is 1/29/2014, and she remains free of alcohol and substances, with continued participation in, and respect for, the 12-step community. She is also a survivor of bullying and domestic violence. In 2016, she received her Masters Degree in Social Work and is currently working with children and families to restore their family system that is often broken due to drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence. Her desire is to spread further awareness to victims of bullying, addiction, and domestic violence that there is hope waiting for them on the other side.


lamonte sims sr

Board Member

Lamonte Sims Sr, AKA DuseM$ is an LA and Vegas based recording artist, and founder of Active Chuckss Entertainment. DuseM$ firmfocuses on unique marketing and branding strategies, as well as booking live events for himself and other artists he believes in. He received great audience praise from his break out single “Hit Yo Brimin,” which became very popular, especially among the LA Gang community, where his father was one of the original founding fathers. Duse M$‘s most recent song release, “Light Up” features Punk/hiphop/pop artist Phreckle$, and is available on YouTube and other music & video outlets. He’s very active in helping the local community and is currently working on starting his own non-profit, centered around mental illness, and  doing fundraising efforts to overturn qualified immunity.


markasia leblanc

Treasurer / Board Member

Markasia LeBlanc, is an author, Tax professional, Life insurance agent, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. She's been writing for over 15 years now. She encourages and speaks to the spirit of others through using the gifts that the Lord has given her.


chelsea freeborn

Board Member

Chelsea Freeborn is a domestic violence, mental health, and recovery advocate. With a back ground originally in digital media and marketing. She has dedicated the last ten years to addiction recovery services and trauma support. For the last five years she’s been continuing her studies via UC Berkeley and UCLA. She is currently deepening her psychological and holistic studies particularly focused on trauma release and therapeutic support. She’s trained in breathwork, somatic healing, and addiction recovery.

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